LCA and sustainability metrics for everyone

High quality results with minimal efforts provided by our easy-to-use and fast life-cycle assesment and sustainability metrics online tool.

Easily obtain the environmental data to
boost your business

360optimi provides you with reliable standard based information to convince your clients and shareholders and win bids. We offer easy: 

  • Environmental product declarations (EPDs) according to EN15804
  • CSR metrics for GRI reporting and CDP
  • GHG protocol carbon footprints
  • Building CO2 and LCC with EN standards
  • Solutions tailored just for you

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Secure your LCA credits in building certifications with a software that speeds up your work

360optimi is fully compliant with 20 + building certification schemes with record high LCA scores. LCA from our software will grant you high credits in:

  • BREEAM Intl. NOR, SE, ES with record high LCA score for Mat 01
  • LEED v4 and v3 pilot credit
  • DGNB Intl and German
  • HQE, Verde, BNB, GBC Finland, and numerous other national standards 

With 360optimi, complicated tasks can now be done by clerical staff so that you can focus on the business.

Instant and automated data transfer with
One Click LCA

With our ground-breaking One Click LCA solution you get an automated LCA directly from your BIM or other information source. We support:

  • Building Information Model (BIM)
  • IFC, Quantity take-off file
  • Your IT system
  • Any other source, just ask for it!
  • Built for easy customisation and tailored to fit your needs
One click, that’s all you need to transform your data into a high quality LCA! Read more about it here.

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Success cases

  • Ecompter is a leading hotel sustainability application distributor with a global network. Hotels using Ecompter can be found in Asia, Africa and Europe. It is also used by international hotel chains to monitor and manage their environmental work. Read more at www.ecompter.com.

    Tailored sustainability application suite for hotels

    Hotels need to boost bookings, control costs and get a grip on their environmental performance to succeed. Ecompter is a tailored application suite built on the 360optimi platform delivering just that in an easy-to-use and easy-to-adopt format. The software package consists of ten applications tracking different aspects of hotel sustainability, and can be used by both single property hotels and international hotel chains.

    Ecompter application supports the hotel industry’s de-facto standard, Hotel Carbon Management Initiative for carbon footprinting and provides support for the leading international hotel environmental certification and management programs, including ISO 14001 certification, TripAdvisor GreenLeaders, Nordic Ecolabel and many others. The product contains a click-to-publish sustainability summary widget, allowing hotels to communicate with their customers in a fact-based and easy-to-understand manner. Furthermore, the application suite provides tools for hotel benchmarking.

    Ecompter boosts bookings, controls costs and helps hotels get a grip on green.
  • This multinational financial group operates a range of businesses across several countries and reports their figures annually for Global Reporting Initiative and the Carbon Disclosure Project. The retail network consists of hundreds of sites for which the data management was a painstaking exercise. Sustainability has been a company priority for a number of years, with focus on property, office management and transport and increasingly on procurement.

    Simplified sustainability reporting for a financial group

    With an extensive retail network in several countries, collecting data for environmental reporting is a daunting task which required significant time and money every year. Processing the collected data into reliable and accurate reports was a further complexity, made more complicated by time constraints and data dripping in sporadically.

    Due to the collaborative nature of data collection and highly detailed database of 360optimi, the work was streamlined into a straight forward process and the number of steps was reduced significantly. Substantial financial savings were realized from the new method of data collection and reporting. Furthermore, Bionova was contracted to operate the process for an initial period, allowing the client to focus on their core business and get certainty on the efficiency of the new system.

  • With a membership of 74, the Finnish Concrete Industry Association represents Finnish precast and ready-mix concrete manufacturers as well as the cement industry and selected associated businesses supplying to the concrete industry.

    Environmental facts for the concrete industry

    The Finnish Concrete Industry Association requires all members to calculate and report their product environmental impacts according to the EN 15804 standard. All members must provide accurate and uniform information, including the required environmental data for LEED and BREEAM projects. The association wanted a solution that would allow its members to easily calculate environmental impacts and provide access to custom databases that are industry-specific and continuously updated.

    The 360optimi (One Click LCA) solution is tailored to fit both precast and ready-mix concrete production processes. The web based solution rollout to dozens of users and companies was straightforward and simple. Users adopted the easy-to-use tool quickly. Concrete makers can now swiftly respond to queries about their products’ impacts as well as optimize their recipes to reduce their environmental burden while maintaining required technical performance.

  • The competition was organized by The Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT, Green Building Council Finland, Rakennuslehti as the media partner and Bionova as the life-cycle expert. The competition was sponsored by Isover and Skaala.

    Most Climate Friendly Building competition

    This Finland-wide competition was open to any participants. The goal is to find and promote the best projects and practices to achieve low carbon buildings. Ten finalists were selected and all participants used 360optimi to self-asses their projects’ environmental performance. Bionova verified the results and submitted them to the jury.

    The benefits of 360optimi became soon evident. The jury had at its disposal a numerical, clear, uniform and reliable picture of the carbon footprint of all participants, calculated according to EN 15978 standard and its national application guidelines.

    The jury opted to award the first place to two participants, as their results were very close to each other. Both achieved a life-cycle carbon footprint that is around 50% less than what is commonly achieved today. By sharing the award between two projects the jury wished to highlight that low emissions can be achieved with very different solutions, materials and technologies. The competition attracted significant interest and media attention.



Standardized solutions

360optimi is compliant with a range of international standards including ISO, CEN, various national requirements and more. We also support industry standards and methodologies, including Greenhouse Gas Protocol, Global Reporting Initiative as well as LEED and BREEAM. 

For supported standards please refer to the industry-specific pages.

Customized solutions

The entire platform is built for easy customization. New indicators, reports and data can be easily added. Examples include tools matching your industry standards or Product Category Rules, your business process, or national regulations. Building new tools with 360optimi is fast, flexible, and achieves solid results. 

Find out more under custom solutions.

High quality databases

We work with local and specific databases wherever possible, backed up by global databases where needed. For custom projects and for compliancy with specific standards we ensure that appropriate data is collected and used. Adding new vendor-specific data is straightforward and data update and maintenance is standard.

The databases vary between industries and standard requirements.

Managed service

No time or staff to figure out the bits and pieces? No problem. We also deliver turnkey solutions from planning to implementation, or just the missing pieces you need. Offload the specification, setup or operative work to us and just enjoy the results. We can take care of data collection, processing and more.

In all cases, training and support services are provided.